Women Are Dyeing Their Hair The Colours Of Sunsets And It Looks Amazing

Although I am on the verge of turning 23 I have never, ever dyed my hair. I’m sure many of you gasped at that statement, after all “it’s like the rules of feminism.” While the rest of you probably couldn’t give a flying fuck about the colour of my locks. Even though I’ve not yet experienced the thrill of sitting for hours in a salon waiting to be turned from brunette to blonde, or tried doing it at home and emerged looking more like Flounder than Ariel, I’ve always thought that one day I would. And after seeing the latest trend to take the hair world by storm, I think this is my year.

All styles come and go, and hair is no different. Over the years the internet has seen it all when it comes to hair shade trends, from young girls deliberately going grey to pastel dip dye. But now we have a new mesmerising do that blows all those before out the water – sunset hair.


You can probably guess from the name what this trend entails. We’ve all seen a sunset right? You know it is the epitome of fleeting beauty right? The sky is a spectacle of colour and then it goes. Enter sunset hair. To help keep this spectacle going all day and all night long.


It’s like having the horizon on your head.


Take someone’s breath away with the colour blend of your choice.


Katniss Everdeen isn’t the only girl on fire.


Don’t worry it works on short hair and guys too.


Ok I’m sold. Time to take the plunge.

So we’ve discovered what we should be doing with our hair, what should we be avoiding. Well I’d start by keeping well clear of DIY foam. This lady put expanding foam in her hair instead of mouse, she end up in the hospital wing.

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