Woman’s Upper Lip Nearly Falls Off After Illegal Filler Injection

If you’re thinking about going under the knife, I have a question for you: would you get lip fillers done by someone you found on Facebook? If the answer to that question is no, then well done, you have made the correct decision and can go through to the next level.However, if the answer to that questions is yes, then 1) I fear for your well being, and 2) you might want to read this harrowing story.

Siobhan Phelan, 30, claims that she nearly lost her top lip due to an unlicensed lip filler injection that went wrong. Phelan says her top lip could become permanently disfigured, after the faulty job made it balloon up to five times the average size.The mom, who hails from Essex, UK, was rushed to hospital after the swelling began, and doctors told her that she could’ve lost her lip in a matter of minutes. She had the unregulated £125 treatment after she thought her lips were too thin, and because her friend had a treatment at the same place previously. However, things quickly went downhill when the beautician who was performing the treatment pumped the filler into an artery, causing a blockage to happen.According to doctors, the lip would have eventually burst, turned black and fallen off, however, it has recently shrunk since it was injected with a chemical that dissolves the filler.Siobhan, who has had regular fillers for five years previously, said: “I visited the clinic’s Facebook page because a friend got her eyebrows done there.”

“I noticed they also offered lip fillers and I was impressed by the before and after pictures.“It was cheaper than I paid before so I booked an appointment without checking if the clinician was properly qualified.“I don’t want others to make the same mistake.”Siobhan, who works as a PA, continues: “The nurse said my lips could be permanently disfigured.“I may go to a professional to get it fixed.“I would never touch fillers again. I’m quite vain.“I genuinely would have killed myself if I’d have lost my top lip.”

She said she is now so thankful just to have two lips, that she doesn’t want to go after the “fuller” look anymore: “I’m so terrified because a lot of my friends get theirs done, so I have messaged them saying ‘please be careful with who you go with’.”

The British Association of Aesthetic Surgeons have called on the government to be stricter on dermal fillers and other non-surgical operations. At the moment, operations such as fillers remain unregulated, meaning anyone can have a go at performing them.

Rajiv Frover, former BAAS president said:“The complications arising from dermal fillers – which can include very serious infections, skin necrosis, and blindness – can often not be recognised, much less treated by amateur injectors, leaving the problem on the door of the overstretched NHS. “One only has to look at the constant stream of cautionary tales of botched filler stories in the media to see that the current landscape of unregulated non-surgical treatment is absolutely dire, with no regulation in sight.”I hope we’ve all taken away a lesson from this: don’t get an operation from someone you’ve just found on Facebook. If you’re thinking of going under the knife, please make sure that you do your research about the surgeons before you go… although I shouldn’t have to tell you that, really.

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