Woman Has Head-to-Head Encounter With Stranger On A Delta Plane

The mile-high club, in which commercial airline passengers would cram themselves into a tiny bathroom on board a flight and go to it, is an old and venerable institution. But these days, nobody wants to be crammed, it seems, nor does anyone have even a twinge of modesty in the post-Kim Kardashian era.
So, when a middle-aged woman found herself seated next to a man twenty years her junior, she apparently figured she would just “go for it,” so to speak. Without leaving their seats, the duo, who had just met on board and who was traveling to different destinations, let hormones, or possibly alcohol, get the best of them, as she engaged in oral sex with her newfound traveling buddy.

Because any incidents that have a potentially unlawful twinge are under the jurisdiction of the FBI, this may be one time when “going down” will include to the courthouse. Once they stepped off the Delta flight to Detroit, the amorous strangers were met with citations on Sunday. Exactly what charges, if any, will be filed against the pair are still being pondered by the Bureau.

No names have been released, nor have the undoubtedly shocked responses of any of their fellow passengers. Delta too has remained mum regarding the matter. We also do not know if they were allowed to continue on to their respective destinations.

Meanwhile, we are reminded to autoclave our seats before each flight. Ugh.

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