TV Show Host Accused Of Being Drunk On Air After Asking Guest Weird Question

There’s nothing worse than showing up to work a little bit drunk from the night before. Believe me, I’ve experienced it once, and I have solemnly vowed to never go through that dreadful experience again. You exist in a state of deep paranoia, still struggling to perform the basic and familiar routines that you normally never pay any attention to. Everything seems to take a phenomenal amount of effort, and as the hangover begins to catch up with you, all you’ll want to do is stay in bed and rest, even though you’ve still got hours of your shift left to endure.

You’d think that TV presenters would be pretty cautious about being drunk at work. TV presentation is a job where you definitely need to be eloquent, articulate and full of pep. It’s not the sort of occupation where you can get away with slurring your speech or appearing unfocused.

However, that hasn’t stopped certain presenters from pushing the boat out, seeing just how much drink they can get away with before the cameras start rolling. Don’t believe me? Well look no further than the famous British blonde bombshell presenter Holly Willoughby. Often appearing alongside Philip Schofield, Willoughby is beloved by viewers at home for her sweet attitude and cheerful personality … and for her occasional drunken antics.

Yes, it seems like Holly is a bit of a habitual party girl, and her and Schofield have already been caught out once before for showing up to work still drunk from a party before. That was when the two won an award, so they had a valid excuse, but this time Willoughby was named and shamed by two guests on the show!

Holly Willoughby was accused of being drunk by her guests, Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuinness, who had appeared on the ITV daytime programme to promote their new television series, entitled “Keith and Paddy’s Picture Show.” But when Holly started to try and steer the discussion onto the subject of the creative genesis of the project, Keith and Paddy quickly derailed things.

Holly made an inadvertent innuendo when she said: “This seed was sown in your bedroom”. This quickly prompted Keith to respond “Why are you talking about me sowing seeds in my bedroom thinking of Paddy McGuinness?” Apparently, they thought that Holly was still a bit tipsy from the margarita-tasting segment filmed earlier in the show. To be fair, it’s not like this is the first time she’s shown up in the studio still inebriated.


The format of Keith and Paddy’s picture show will consist of sketches performed by the two comedians parodying famous movie scenes; and will see the duo lampooning such popular cinematic classics as Star Wars, Dirty Dancing, Ghostbusters and many more. The character of Keith Lemon was first created by comedian Leigh Francis in 2000 for a segment in the short-lived Whatever I Wantand Paddy McGuiness was made famous by appearing in Peter Kay’s sitcom Phoenix Nights, and for presenting Take Me Out. But this isn’t the first time that an accidental double entendre has provoked hilarity on the set of This Morning.

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