Son Forgot To Take The Rubbish Out And His Mom Trolled Him Into Next Week

I think we can all agree that there’s nothing worse than having to do chores. I know I hate doing them. Sometimes I look at my laundry basket and sincerely wonder if there’s a bottom to it, or whether the pile of dirty clothes goes on forever. I seem to spend roughly 25 hours a day doing dishes, and yet there’s always more.Still, it’s got to be done, right? I mean, it’s not as though the housework fairy is going to float down from a cloud, sprinkle pixie dust on it, and clear it up for you. Unless, of course, you live with your parents.

For a lot of students who still bunk with their folks, housework doesn’t exist. We’re all expected to do our part to complete the various household tasks that need doing, yet whenever when I come home to visit my parents I instantly transform into a lazy slob who wouldn’t so much lift a finger to rinse a mug. If you’re a parent, then this kind of negligence from your beloved offspring can be pretty irritating.Parents of the world, don’t fret. If your kids aren’t doing their to help with the housework, then don’t waste your breath yelling at them, and save yourself the trouble of scribbling a passive-aggressive note to be pinned on the refrigerator. Instead, why not take a leaf out of this mum’s book and troll them in the best possible way?Internet, meet Connor Cox. Connor is an 18-year-old freshman student at Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania who learned the hard way what happens when you neglect the housework. During a casual weekend visit to his parents’ house in Leonardtown, Maryland, Connor’s doting mother Terri politely asked him if he could take out the trash before he went back to school. Connor, ever the conscientious son, said he would. He then promptly forgot all about it, and returned to class.Annoyed by her son’s inattentiveness, Terri decided to enact sweet, sweet revenge, with a mind game worth of the bad guy from Se7en. She decided to box up the rubbish Connor had neglected and mailed it to him, pretending that it was a “care package” for him.

At first Connor was bamboozled by his mum’s “care package”, and assumed that the delivery had been some kind of mistake, before realising that his mum was pranking him. Well played Terri. Connor tweeted a pic of the rubbish-filled box, where it quickly received over 2,000 likes and nearly 600 retweets.Commenting on his mum’s antics, Connor stated: “I was thrilled, because it’s like Christmas when you get mail from family when you’re in college. My mom always had a huge sense of humour.” Terri added: “His room should be left the way it was when he came home for Christmas break, which I cleaned before he came home.”Terri isn’t the first parent to employ creative methods of getting back at her kids: check out these 18 parents who trolled their kids hard.

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