Footage Shows Reckless Man Climbing The Tallest Rollercoaster In England

Many people fear heights, which is why the act of riding a tall rollercoaster is such a rush. The feeling of your body dangling hundreds of feet in the air, with the possibility that you may plummet toward the earth at any moment is surely enough to get anyone’s blood pumping, but for some maniacs out there, simply riding the coaster isn’t enough. They have to climb it… without a harness.Why would anybody in their right mind do this? As someone who has had a crippling fear of heights for many years now, I can tell you that I have no idea. But skepticism from people like me certainly does not stop daredevils like Ally Law, a parkour expert and daring climber, from doing things that make us question their sanity.In his latest video, Ally’s target is England’s tallest roller coaster: The Big One at Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach in Blackpool. The coaster reaches a whopping 213 feet high, giving Ally and his friends a lovely view from the top. With cameras strapped to their heads and no harnesses strapped to their bodies, Ally and his friends climbed the coaster in the early hours of the morning, and the footage is absolutely terrifying.It only took seeing 15 seconds of footage for me to realize that this video was going go to send me into a full-blown panic attack. The crew’s utter lack of protective equipment is terrifying, and the jolly smiles on their faces feels like the build up to a tragedy you’d see in a horror film. Once they get to the top, I calmed down a little, but little did I know that the arrival of security guards would make their trip back down incredibly rushed and, inevitably, 1,000 times scarier than the climb up. Prepare yourselves.Watching them vertically sprint their way down that coaster gave me legitimate heart palpitations. You root for them the whole time, hoping that firstly, they don’t plummet to their deaths and secondly, they somehow evade security. Unfortunately, they did get caught, as the last clip of the video is them in the back of the security van.Ally explained how he became the daredevil he is today:“I used to actually be terrified of heights. It was a very long process but I’m now very comfortable with them. Me and my friends all do parkour. So after a few years training on ground level we began to jump across small rooftops and then eventually worked up to higher rooftops. It was a big mental barrier but once you’re alright at 50ft, 500ft is pretty much the same.”Yep. 50 feet… 500 feet… it’s all the same, right?Ally explains that although he’s had some rough patches in his climbing explorations, he’s never actually felt truly in danger (which we can’t really wrap our heads around, but oh well). “I’ve had a few sketchy climbs. Like, it started raining et cetera, but nothing serious where I’ve thought I was going to fall.”Personally, once I was four feet above the ground I would begin to feel like I was going to fall. And if it started raining? Nope. I suppose I’ll have to throw away my dreams of a parkour career. C’est la vie.

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