He Puts Milk And Cookies In An Ice Cube Tray, The Result Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Having been given a request (or should that be recipe?) buy one of his adoring fans, this larger-than-life YouTube chef creates something truly incredible with just a handful of ingredients. With some milk, cookies and coffee, Sal creates one kick-ass cup of Joe. For the ultimate indulgence, you could even add these delicious ice cubes to a hot chocolate and create the world’s most delicious bedtime beverage.

And while he might be wizard in the kitchen, old Sal does tend to repeat himself. On average, he says ‘coffee’ every 13 and a half seconds in this video (yeah, I worked it out). But with his accent, I could listen to him say ‘coffee’ all day. And before you ask, yes – I saw the trailer for the other video at the end of this one and no, I’m not sure whether or not his dad is a geriatric.

And if that creamy cookie coffee hasn’t quite filled you up, check out this amazing easy cheesy bread recipe for more culinary creativity.

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