A Photo Of Matt Damon From 1961 Has Sent The Internet Into Meltdown

Did you know that Rihanna predicted Whitney Houston’s death? And Barack Obama is controlling the world’s weather? What about the fact that Jay Z is actually a time travelling vampire? That one, at least, we have a little proof of in the form of this photo from the 1930s.

Convinced yet? Okay, okay… I get that these theories may seem a little far-fetched, but if we didn’t have weird celebrity conspiracies to keep us going, how would we ever keep ourselves entertained whilst Game Of Thrones is off the air?The latest bizarre celebrity conspiracy to land in our laps is that Matt Damon is a time traveller, and it’s all thanks to a photo posted on Reddit by user CoffeandTrout. According to him, the offending photo was taken of his dad on his wedding day in 1961.

However, CoffeeandTrout’s photo looks so uncannily like Matt Damon that many are suggesting the actor is a time-travelling magician.Here’s Matt Damon, his feet firmly rooted in the 21st century and smiling sweetly alongside his wife Luciana Barroso…

… and here he is back in 1961 with some random bride. Oh wait, hang on a minute, that’s actually just CoffeeandTrout’s dad. I’m even more confused than I was with the whole “Jay Z is a vampire” thing.

According to the original poster, the supposed Damon impersonator is now 75 and lives in Seattle. But we all know the dark and horrifying truth. Matt Damon, you’re a time traveller, and you’ve finally been caught out.

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