Nostradamus predicted Facebook’s success centuries ago

A recent discovery in the texts of Nostradamus has suggested that he may have predicted Facebook.

A translated quatrain, the poetic way in which Nostradamus revealed his prophecies refers to faces having their own book. There is even a reference to someone called Mark, possibly Mark Zuckerberg.

The quatrain is as follows:

For each soul their own place forever
Faces will be the book of now
The weak rejoice as demons feed
Henceforth, he will leave his Mark.

Professor Jules Scaliger, a long time follower of Nostradamus said, “This is clearly about Facebook. The fact that it even has the word ‘feed’, suggests he was talking about the News Feed in Facebook. This is more proof that Nostradamus was clearly a prophet.”

Skeptics have pointed out that since the predictions made by Nostradamus require unscrambling, translating as well as interpreting, that there is room for much error, which we cannot confirm or deny, however the writings of Nostradamus are there as a partial proof that he knew something big as Facebook would be born.

However, anti-Facebook groups are praising the interpretation, as it appears to portray Mark Zuckerberg as some kind of demon, feeding on the weak.

Scholars are now scrambling to see if Nostradamus mentions anything about Twitter, Ping or Google+.

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