This May Look Like An Ordinary Roadside Barrier, But It Was Made To Save Lives

Over 37,000 people in the US die every year as a result of car accidents. Additionally, 2.35 million others are left injured or disabled as a result of automobile accidents. Of  that, but nearly 10,000 of the people killed in these crashes are under the age of 20.

These numbers are just from the United States. Globally, that number increases exponentially.

How do we decrease these staggering numbers?A South Korean company, Eti Co LTD, is tackling the problem by creating an innovative shock-absorbing fence.The fence is constructed to lessen the force of impact when a collision takes place and reduce the number of fatal accidents.

All of this is made possible by yellow barrels.Look at the image shown above, the innovative railing system is simply composed of a sturdy steel tube and plastic barrels. The steel tubes are placed into the ground,  but this new railing has little yellowbarrels.

The yellow barrels act as shock barrier, and take the majority of the impact force and causes less damage to the vehicle.This new railing system can be effective because when a car hits the railing, as it converts the car’s impact energy into rotational energy, or in laymen’s terms: transfers the energy into the spinning yellowbarrels.  It also allows the person in the accident to come to a controlled stop. No more going past the rail and rolling over.

This innovative system allows for more control and less damage. The two key elements required for less automobile related deaths.This new type of railing is very easy to maintain and is environmentally friendly since it’s manufactured with materials that can be recycled and reused.


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