Love Island Winners Kem And Amber Have Split Up After Just Five Months Together

For three years, British summertime television has been dominated by Love Island. The popular reality TV show sees young, attractive singletons thrown together in a villa where they’re encouraged to form relationships with each other with the promise of a £50,000 prize.The show’s courted much controversy, with contestants brazenly having sex in the villa that’s littered with condoms. However, some long-term couples have formed there, and last year’s winners, Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey, are expecting their first child together.But this year’s winning couple, Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies, have now split after just 132 days together.

“Kember” had an explosive romance on the show, but despite this, they won the British public over and were voted their favorite couple. After mere weeks together, 21-year-old hairdresser Kem and 20-year-old dancer Amber appeared to be head over heels in love.The two also had no qualms about making their feelings for each other known on TV, frequently romping in the villa. In fact, the couple reportedly had so much sex that the show’s producers had to step in and give Amber the morning after pill out of fear she’d fall pregnant.

Following their win on the show, the couple appeared to be incredibly serious about each other – so serious that they began to discuss the possibility of marriage and having a family, despite both being in their early 20s.In an interview with OK! magazine last month, Amber revealed that she’d be unable to say no if Kem proposed.

But unlike 26-year-old Dominic Lever and 23-year-old Jessica Shears, who also met on this year’s show and got engaged after just three months of dating, Kem and Amber appeared to be taking things slowly.

“We’re really happy, and we know we’ll be together for a very long time, but we just don’t feel the need to jump into it,” Kem said. “We still need to do the stuff at the beginning of a relationship, otherwise you might as well retire, get married and have grandchildren in the next 18 months!”

However, all was not what it appeared to be for Kem and Amber, and there was trouble in paradise…Like all D-list contestants of reality TV shows, Kem and Amber were quick to cash in on their inevitably short-lived fame. This meant agreeing to a hosting slot on This Morning and embarking on a number of other moneymaking projects.The latest of which involved Kem appearing on Dancing on Ice, which is reportedly cursed as many contestants have fallen for their dancing partners, despite already being in relationships.

Amber, however, as a dancer herself, was confident that the couple would be able to handle the pressures of Kem being on the show and said, “I’ve been in rehearsal rooms my entire life. I’ve got nothing to worry about. I totally trust Kem with his skating partner more than anything.”However, despite putting on a united front, the couple’s differing work schedules ultimately led to the death of their relationship.

Kem and Amber issued a joint statement yesterday confirming their split, “With sadness, we’ve decided to separate,” they said. “We fell in love in the villa and want to thank all the fans of the show for supporting us.”“Our schedules made it difficult. We’ll remain good friends.”

A friend of the couple’s said, “They’ve been at each other’s necks for the past month. They’ve clashed over the smallest things. It’s also been very hard for them to see each other with their hectic schedules.”But it turns out that Kem and Amber are not the only Love Island couple to recently split. Another famous pair also recently parted ways!One of the most dramatic moments of last year’s Love Island was when 25-year-old Rykard Jenkins confessed to sleeping with another contestant, 22-year-old Olivia Buckland, despite pursuing a promising romance with fellow contestant 23-year-old Rachel Fenton.When she was “dumped” from the island, however, in an act that would make Prince Charming weak at the knees, he decided to confess that he’d slept with someone else inches away from her and promised that it was a one-off, leaving the island by her side.

Against the odds, the two went on to have an 18-month relationship together before parting ways this month.Rachel announced the split on Twitter yesterday, writing, “Rykard and I are no longer together. We have decided to go our separate ways but I wish him all the best in the future.”

But all is not doomed for the couples of Love Island, and last year’s winners Cara and Nathan’ first child is due to be born any day now!

We wish all the best to Cara and Nathan and their imminent arrival!Who knows? Maybe Kem and Amber will reunite at some point in the future. After all, they’re both very young.

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