Kid Fakes Having A Japanese Accent For A Whole Year, Reveals To His Best Friends His Secret

We all exaggerated a little bit when we were at school. When you’re bad at sports, art, and pretty much every subject under the sun, you’ve got to hype yourself a little so that you have some friends. It is right? No. Is it necessary? Probably not. Coming up with fake boyfriends or lying about all the cool stuff you did over the weekend is a little cringeworthy, after all. All you really need is to be yourself and you’ll make some friends. Still, kids do stupid things, and can you blame them?

The liars out there will manage to weave a tangled web of lies that they can’t get out of – which I can only imagine is stressful. All they can do then is come clean and deal with the consequences.Take this kid for example: he faked having a Japanese accent for an entire school year. Why? Apparently because school was boring. He chronicled his adventures as a fake foreign student on his YouTube channel. In one video he showed all of his friend’s reactions to his “coming out”.Kei, or Happy as he is known at school, has 18 episodes of “Happy’s School Days” . I’m not sure how to feel about all of this. If someone told me they were pretending to be someone else for a year, I’d be freaked out. But hey, I’m sure it made his school year a lot more interesting.

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