Incredible Video Shows 9 Months Of Pregnancy In Just 4 Minutes

Thanks to ultrasound images, most parents-to-be these days are able to enjoy the development of theirnewborns long before they emerge on their own. The fascinating journey of how an embryo becomes a human baby is something mighty to behold, and now a video has been created that dramatically explores the entire path, from conception to coming down and going out of the birth canal and emerging as an independent being.


The 3-D graphics and dramatic music of the video turn hardcore science into a kind of compelling docu-drama, as we watch a baby’s development inside the womb from start to finish. The fantasy creation even alludes to a baby starting habits it may maintain after birth, such as sucking their thumb, or wriggling their toes.

Whether or not you’ve experienced the wonder of birth as a parent yourself, you will be fascinated by this video representation of the entire process. Of course, even understanding what happens from a scientific perspective doesn’t take away from the mystical nature of a human being coming to exist. That’s something that everyone may interpret in their own way, but it’s certainly amazing to contemplate.

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