Identical Twin Daughters And Mom Claim To Be The ‘British Kardashians’

For many people, the Kardashian family is an example of a bewildering social phenomenon. Every one of them, from Kim to Khloe, is more-or-less famous just for being famous. Yet we can’t seem to get enough of them, and not just because of Kim’s behind or the girls’ consummate style and elegance. I guess we just love a diva and even more so a whole family of them.The appeal of the Kardashians is so strong and pervasive that they’ve inspired countless imitators, all of whom are angling to become the new royal family of reality TV. We always imagined that it was unlikely that anyone would ever challenge their dominance of social media and publicity … but now, they might just have a contender.

Yes, a new family of beautiful ladies is looking to usurp the power of the Kardashians and end their (until recently) uncontested reign. The 55-year-old matriarch of the family has done everything in her power to turn her daughters into women who could one day break the internet the same way the Kardashians have.In a documentary entitled “My Mum’s Hotter Than Me”, which is airing on British network Channel 5, a middle-aged mother-of-two makes the brazen claim that her two gorgeous twin daughters should be flaunting their looks and spending big bucks on designer goods. But do “The British Kardashians” really pose any threat to the reality tv stars? Or does their reach exceed their grasp?Maruga was thrust into the spotlight, along with her 27-year-old daughters Tasha and Tanya, after appearing on Channel 5 show My Mum’s Hotter Than Me, in which she encouraged her children to become adult film stars. Furthermore, she’s envious of their careers on an erotic late-night TV station.Maruga believes she would have been a success on reality TV if she’d been born later, even claiming that she’s the “hottest” one in her family. “We’re all a very attention-seeking family,” she stated. “We’re hot, we’re all super hot.”

“When the twins told me they wanted to be glamour models, I thought ‘why not?’. I encouraged them, I was proud of them. It’s about loving yourself. You’ve got one life, one chance to look the best you can. They’re beautiful, they’re twins. If you’ve got it flaunt it.” She continued: “I’m very proud. They are very hot … It doesn’t bother me seeing them like that, looking all nice and sexy. I think they look amazing. I think the boob jobs are nice. I think ‘why not?’. Is a boob job not the norm now?”The two younger women have apparently been inspired by their mother’s flare for aesthetics, following in her footsteps with a gamut of cosmetic procedures. Tasha and Tanya have both had nose jobs, breast enlargements and regular Botox injections. They work out together and make a killing taking part in raunchy photoshoots.But will they ever unseat the Kardashians? Well, only time will tell. It could be that the public has tired of the Klan. In fact, some of us are already completely sick of them.

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