Husband Builds Climbing Wall For Wife With Handhold ‘Rocks’ That Were Sitting In A Box For Years

One of the best parts about being in a relationship is having a partner who is always there for you.

Whether this means supporting you when you’re down, praising you when you’re up, or just supporting you on a day-to-day basis.

When life gets in the way, it’s always helpful to have a loving companion to get you back on track. That’s exactly what Joe did with his wife when she lost track of a climbing wall project she started.

Joe’s wife had bought herself a box of “rock” handholds in order to build a rock wall in the backyard, but she never actually put it together.

The handholds sat in the box for years, until Joe decided to finally put the climbing wall together himself — so he picked up all the necessary items and got to work.

There’s no doubt his wife was extremely grateful for Joe’s hard work and dedication.

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Joe shared his process on Imgur and explained the details along the way. He wrote:

My wife bought a bunch of climbing wall hand holds.

They were sitting in a box for a few years.

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Today I said, that’s it, we are making a climbing wall.

I had enough scrap wood and I was ready to get started.

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To get started, I had a sheet of 4×8 plywood laying around. 

With that piece of plywood, he created the backing for the climbing wall. He added 2x3s to the back of the plywood.

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Once the back of the board was set, he flipped the wood over so he could drill in holes for the handholds.

Next up: making the rock wall look like real rock.

Imgur / JoeHeyming

He wrote:

I then mixed a 60 lb bag of mortar. This was to give the wall a rock look.

I added water until it had the consistency I wanted. I didn’t want it too dry, but I didn’t want it too wet.

Imgur / JoeHeyming

I took a 4×8 trowel and smushed the mortar around and tried to make it even.

I didn’t want it too look perfectly flat, but I still strived for flatness.

Imgur / JoeHeyming

I then went under the plywood and drilled from below to poke out the holes again.

I went with my finger and tried to shape each hole to make them smooth.

Imgur / JoeHeyming

Before the mortar dried, he hammered in the nuts for the handholds.

Once all the nuts were in, he could move on to putting the handholds on the board.

Imgur / JoeHeyming

When he started putting the handholds on the board, his kids wanted to get involved and start helping out.

Finally, all the handholds were in place — all that was left was waiting for the mortar to dry.

Imgur / JoeHeyming

When the wall was completely dry, he attached it to the greenhouse in their yard.

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