Here’s How You Can Get Rid Of Head Lice

Head lice are tiny insects that live among human hair and feed on blood pulled from the scalp. They are extremely annoying, contagious, and quite difficult to remove!

Although they are difficult and frustrating to get rid of, they are not dangerous. They often causeirritation of the scalp, they don’t spread any disease. But, if you don’t solve the situation right away, it may go out of control as they multiply very fast.

Typically kids are most prone to lice and tend to get them at school, but adults can get them, too. These days there are many lice shampoos available on the market. However, the problem with these products is that they often cost a little fortune and most of them are simply useless. Hence, you may lose hours fighting them off, but a few parasites will still be left behind.

If you are fed up with these ineffective products and are looking for the right solution, look no further! The remedy below is extremely effective and its effects are visible in a matter of hours!


  • Mouthwash
  • Shower cup or plastic bags
  • White vinegar
  • Lice comb
  • Towels


  • Wash your head/ your child`s head with the mouthwash
  • Covet the hair with a bathing cap or wrap it using a plastic bag
  • Leave it work for an hour before removing the cap/ plastic bag
  • Wash the hair with white vinegar, covet with a cap, bag for additional hour
  • Remove the cap and shampoo the hair with a shampoo you would normally use
  • Comb the hair with a lice comb

How it works?

Mouthwash has a strong smell which keeps lice away while vinegar eliminates the eggs from the hair.

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