Finally, Snow Leopards Are No Longer Endangered, So Let’s Celebrate It With These 25+ Adorable Pics

The beautiful and exotic snow leopard has been listed as ‘endangered’ since 1972, but a glimmer of hope is now peaking through for these embattled mountain cats. After a 3-year assessment of population decline rates, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has upgraded the status of the snow leopard to ‘vulnerable.’

“The species still faces a high risk of extinction in the wild and is likely still declining,” conservationist Tom McCarthy stated. “Just not at the rate previously thought.” Snow leopards are heavily hunted for their thick skin and bones, leading to a rapidly decreasing adult population in the wild. While the world should still be extremely worried about the status of snow leopards, we can at least celebrate their new condition as a small victory in the fight for their survival.

Snow leopards are native to Central Asia, and are therefore considered important symbols of native culture in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and parts of Russia. Scroll down to celebrate this stunning feline in all of its glory, and vote for the photos that make you wish you could adopt one.


Snow Leopard


Snow Leopard


Snow Leopard In Snow Storm


This Snow Leopard Cub Would Like A Belly Rub Please


Got It!




Shit Happens


Snow Leopard


Snow Leopards


Snow Leopards


Snow Leopard Cubs


Snow Leopards


Snow Leopard Cub


Unlike Many Other Big Cats, Snow Leopards Are Not Aggressive Towards Humans. There Has Never Been A Verified Snow Leopard Attack On A Human Being


Mama And Son


Snow Leopard Cub


Still Waiting For Snow


Playful Snow Leopard


My Bed


Young Snow Leopard




Snow Leopard


Young Snow Leopard In Fern


Snow Leopard


Snow Leopard Love

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