Extreme Animal Rights Activist Livestreams The Moment He Frees Pigs From Getting Slaughtered

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to the animal rights debate.W ith both extremes standing their ground on everything from the fundamentals to the minuscule details, it’s clear that we won’t reach a resolution anytime soon. Certainly, it’s hard not to have a strong stance on the matter, considering that we have been surrounded by animals for our whole lives – pets or otherwise.

In recent years, veganism has taken centre stage in the world of animal rights. Unlike vegetarians, vegans completely disavow the consumption of any animal product or animal-derived substances.

Dubbed as Britain’s “fastest growing lifestyle movement”, The Vegan Society asserts that the number of vegans in England has grown by more than 360 per cent over the last decade. They estimate that around 542,000 people (more than one per cent of the population) have crossed over to the plant-based lifestyle.

One animal rights activist took his vegan lifestyle to the next level, however, when he filmed himself breaking into a slaughterhouse to rescue a pig from being killed for its meat.

22-year-old Wesley Omar put his principles into practice by raising awareness of the terrible conditions that pigs face in factory farms. He filmed the break-in, and issued a passionate speech about his stance on animal rights whilst doing so. “Look how cute they are,” the RSPB Midlands worker says, before repeatedly apologising to the trapped animals.

Omar issues many a heartfelt tirade throughout the 10-minute video. Preaching about the implications of meat consumption, he says: “you know, it’s no good for our health, it’s no good for the environment, choose something else when you go to the shops you know, do it for yourself, do it for the planet, do it for the animals,” before adding that “these are the most innocent beings to walk the face of the earth”.

In the video’s description, Omar wrote:

“Footage of inside of one of many factory farms. The pigs in here would have been born indoors and would have never of seen the light of day through the duration of their very short miserable lives. Being cramped in hot conditions, covered in their own faeces and no room to barely even walk around. This place broke my heart, seeing thousands of innocent pigs corridor after corridor that were squeezed up against each other, with a horrible stench coming from the disgusting conditions they were kept in.

“Although ‘welfare standards’ definitely does not justify murdering anyone! Every time you buy animal ‘products’ you are contributing towards cruelty, exploitation and murder. No one has to be murdered for food, it’s all happening because of greed. Please look at it from their perspective and ask yourself, “would I want this done to me, or would I like to live a life of freedom and not be murdered?”. You can help these beautiful individuals and live a cruelty free, compassionate life where you don’t support violence and murder, please, choose vegan.”

Omar actually managed to liberate one of the pigs from the slaughterhouse. He filmed the rescue, saying “we’re gonna do this, little piggy”, as he zoomed in on the creature running through a field happily. He later reported that the pig has now found a “loving home”.

What a hero.

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