Colombia Celebrates 60 Years of Salsa Dance Festival in Cali and Its Just Amazing

Cali, a sprawling metropolis nestled amid Colombia’s southwestern mountain ranges, has long been known as the country’s capital of salsa. About 1,500 salsa dancers will perform during the five days of the Salsodromo parade in the western Colombian city Cali, which marks the start of the 60th Fair of Cali. (Starts on 27TH of Decemeber) A dancer preparing himself during the Salsa show on Wednesday, among more than 1,500 professional dancers that will perfom during more than three hours.. Cali’s salsa dance festival started on Monday with live performances of Cuban legends Los Van Van.Photo:EFE The Grupo Niche and the Guayacan Orquestra have also been invited to perform this year, along with Puerto Rican singer Andy Montañez. More than a hundred of dancing couples will also showcase their passion for salsa, with a public representing largely foreign tourists. A dancer preparing herself during the Salsa show on Wednesday, among more than 1,500 professional dancers. The event gathered almost 3,000 artists this year, for a parade of about 1,5 kilometer long paying tribute to the city’s architecture.

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