Chris Cornell’s Daughter Sings ‘Hallejuah’ In Stunning Tribute To Her Father And Chester Bennington

Two tragedies struck the world of music in quick succession.

Firstly, fans were confronted with the tragic death of Chris Cornell, the Soundgarden and Audioslave singer.

In a statement to the Associated Press, his representative Brian Bumbery described Cornell’s “sudden and unexpected” death, which came as a shock not just to his legions of adoring fans across the globe, but those closest to him also.The singer was found dead mere hours after performing with his Soundgarden bandmates in Detroit to a packed out crowd; it has been reported that the legendary vocalist was found in the bathroom of his room at the MGM Grand in Detroit, having performed a Soundgarden gig in the city mere hours prior.

Then, Chester Bennington, the Linkin Park front man, was found dead at a private residence at Palos Verdes Estates in Los Angeles, prompting an outpouring of grief and sadness from fans of the much loved band.

In a statement, Bennington’s Linkin Park band mates described the impact the singer had had during his lifetime;

“You touched so many lives, maybe even more than you realized. In the past few days, we’ve seen an outpouring of love and support, both public and private, from around the world.”

A private funeral was held recently for Bennington, and now Chris Cornell’s 12-year-old daughter has paid tribute to both her father and the Linkin Park frontman by performing a stunning rendition of Hallejuah.

Toni Cornell performed Hallejuah with One Republic on Good Morning America this Friday in a tribute to the late Chris Cornell, her father, and Chester Bennington.

The emotionally charged performance drew tears from the crowd, as Toni said “It’s an honour to perform this for my dad and Chester and to sing for them”.

It has been reported that Linkin Park were due to perform on Friday’s Good Morning America, though due to Chester Bennington’s death, One Republic filled the slot instead.

Meanwhile, Chester Bennington’s wife described the pair’s “fairytale life” together in a moving statement, in which she also thanked Linkin Park fans for their love and support;

One week ago, I lost my soulmate and my children lost their hero – their Daddy. We had a fairytale life and now it has turned into some sick Shakespearean tragedy.

“How do I move on? How do I pick up my shattered soul? The only answer I know is to raise our babies with every ounce of love I have left. I want to let my community and the fans worldwide know that we feel your love. We feel your loss as well. My babies are so young to have lost their daddy. And I know that all of you will help keep his memory alive.

“He was a bright, loving soul with an angel’s voice. And now he is pain-free singing his songs in all of our hearts. May God bless us all and help us turn to one another when we are in pain. Chester would’ve wanted us to do so. Rest In Peace, my love.”

As fans of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington continue to show their love and sadness at the untimely passing of two musical icons, Toni Cornell has provided the perfect tribute.

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