Beautiful Architecture Tattoos That Will Convince You To Get One

Deciding on what design you want for a tattoo can be incredibly difficult. There are so many good ideas, even more terrible ones, and a plethora of artists with their own distinct styles and skillsets. But while most people choose words and flowers to adorn their bodies, have you ever considered making architecture the subject of your next tattoo? The following have, and it might just give you a few ideas …

1. Inspired by Notre Dame

2. Golden Gate Bridge

3. Castle steps

4. Double exposure

5. A Hong Kong high-rise

6. Edinburgh in colour

7. Beautiful Japanese architecture

8. The Empire State Building

9. Santorini, Greece

10. Bratislava in Slovakia

11. Hogwarts at night

12. Abstract reflections

13. A stunning cathedral design

14. Cincinnati Music Hall window

15. Grafton Bridge in New Zealand

16. An image split in two

17. An intricate alley

I have always been on the fence about whether to get a tattoo or not, mostly weighed down by the fact I have no great idea to latch on to. But after looking over these, I have a lot of fresh ideas to consider. But if you are looking for something on the more smaller side, check out this list of stunning tattoo ideas that are small and discrete.














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