He Added 8 Raw Eggs To This Tomato Mix To Create This Delicious Breakfast

Adding something to a breakfast dish can either make or break the recipe. There are some things that can be added for more protein while other ingredients can make the dish have a little more spice. One man added eight raw eggs to a recipe that he was making with tomatoes, and the result is something that might change the way many eat breakfast in the future.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day as it provides the energy that you need to do the activities of the day. Some people don’t like eating breakfast because it’s too early in the morning. There are various combinations of food that are delicious that can give you a boost of energy with the dishes being easy to make. One breakfast that is popular in Israel combines tomatoes, peppers, onions, cumin and eggs together. You want to combine all of the ingredients except for the eggs.

Heat the ingredients together. When they come to a simmer, you can add raw eggs to the mixture. The heat will begin cooking the eggs until they are done. Don’t break the yolks of the eggs as this can mess up the appearance of the dish and the flavor. The eggs should be poached instead of scrambled. When the eggs are done, you are ready to enjoy a healthy breakfast.

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